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Good for the Goats

We love our goats

Twilight, Zimba, Raindrop, and the rest of our herd are raised in an environment of mutual love and respect. Free to be their happy, sassy, hilarious selves. We source all of our milk from Certified Humane® farms owned by families who take pride in being stewards of their land and their herds.

Our farmers agree with us that well-loved goats produce the best milk—and the best milk makes the most delicious yogurt.

With 24-7 access to clean shelter and ample open space, all of our goats are healthy and able to engage in their natural behaviors which mostly consists of eating, napping, and their favorite: socializing with herd mates. Five different family farms supply us with goat milk, including the original Redwood Hill Farm, which is only a few miles away from our creamery in Sebastopol, California.

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What is Certified Humane®?

The Certified Humane Raised and Handled® program empowers consumers to buy food with confidence—knowing each product comes from a farm with the highest standards for animal welfare.

What is Certified Humane®?

The animal welfare standards for Certified Humane® were created by a Scientific Committee comprised of 40 scientists and veterinarians from all over the world. For goats, requirements include:

  • Animals must receive a nutritious diet free of antibiotics or hormones. They must be raised with shelter, resting areas, and space that are sufficient to support their natural behavior.

  • Goats, unlike sheep or cattle, do not tolerate rain or wind. Therefore, adequate shelter must be provided at all times to protect them from inclement weather.

  • Being social and gregarious animals, goats must be housed within sight or sound of goats or other animals.

  • Milking, shearing, and clipping procedures must meet HFAC standard.