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Recipe: Yogurt Cheese Preserved in Olive Oil

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The flavor combination of goat cheese in olive oil is a delectable treat. This recipe drains our plain goat yogurt first, for a thick consistency before adding herbs and shaping into cheese balls.

Yogurt Cheese Preserved in Olive Oil

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  • Yield: 25
  • Prep:

This is a very special yogurt goat cheese, strained for at least 36 hours down to a very thick consistency, flavored with herbs and shaped into balls. The yogurt will be fine if left unrefrigerated while it's being strained (which also contributes to its fermented flavor), but this can also be done under refrigeration. This recipe was adapted from www.maureenabood.com - 1 Quart of yogurt will yield about 25 walnut-sized balls.


  • 1-32 oz Redwood Hill Farm Goat Milk Yogurt plain
  • Dried herbs of your choice*
  • Salt to taste
  • 3/4 cup, approx. olive oil, best quality


  1. Strain the Yogurt: Lay a large piece of cheesecloth over a bowl, and empty the tub of yogurt onto it. Bring the edges of the cheesecloth together; and tie in a knot. Hang this over the sink or over a bowl for at least 36 hours, until it becomes the consistency of cream cheese, and you can shape it into soft balls. Stir in salt and herbs to taste.
  2. From this thick yogurt cheese, form small balls the size of walnuts and place on a paper towel-lined sheet pan. Then top the balls with another paper towel. Leave them to continue to dry out for another day, changing out the paper towels whenever they get saturated with the whey.
  3. Reshape the balls in the palms of your hands to make them even rounder now, then place in a clean jar. Pour excellent-quality olive oil over the cheese balls and cover with a lid. These can be refrigerated for up to a year; just bring to room temperature before serving. Serve these topped with their olive oil as part of a sophisticated cheese plate with bread or crackers, in a salad, or atop crostini.


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