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Cheese Serving Suggestions

Serving a Cheese CourseEntertainCheese-FullTray1

Whether you’re serving cheese as an appetizer or as part of your dessert course, have fun by using Redwood Hill Farm’s unique, delicious artisan cheeses and along with a few simple suggestions we’ve discovered over our more than 25+ years of crafting goat milk cheeses in the farmstead tradition.

Keep it simple. How about a classic platter of three or four cheeses from a single region…say Sonoma County? Use a variety of styles and textures. If offering four cheeses try a couple of soft-ripened varieties, a firm cheese such as cheddar, a soft, spreadable variety like chevre or even a spreadable flavored soft cheese. First and foremost choose cheeses that you know and love as long as you have variety.

A single whole cheese can be a beautiful solution. At a small dinner party of intimate friends or family showcase our Cameo, a whole luscious Camembert-style cheese, decorated with herbs.

When choosing your cheese, build on a theme. For example, a classic French selection. Or, you could offer a selection of American artisan or farmstead cheeses. With Redwood Hill Farm handmade cheeses your theme would be local, artisan goat cheeses crafted from Certified Humane® milk. Consider hand printing the cheese name and a sentence or two about the cheese maker, cheese monger, or even the dairy goat who provided the milk!

Amount to buy? This depends on how much other food will be served.
Typically a good rule-of-thumb for a each cheese serving would be from 2 to 4 ounces per person. If serving cheeses only at cocktail time and guests are hungry, up to 3 to 4 ounces per person would be ideal. Serving cheese after dinner and before a light dessert? Use a very small amount per person, about ½ to 1 ounce per person.

Using plain, fresh cheeses? Dress them up! Coat fresh chevre with fresh herbs, paprika, pesto, chutney or dried fruit. Now, add a few accompaniments. See the complete blog with pictures here!