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The Times-Herald Newspaper Interviews David Bice on Goat Milk

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Goat Milk? Meet David Bice of Redwood Hill Farm, ambassador of foods made from the milk of frolicking goats

By Rayne Wolfe

Last summer, while helping to serve up dinner at a Sonoma County Farm Bureau fundraiser, a gentleman swore to David Bice that not only did he dislike goat cheese; he hated it. This didn’t worry Bice, who has run into bad culinary attitudes before at store demos and natural food trade shows.

“Often, this is a result of tasting a poorly made goat cheese many years ago, or goat milk that wasn’t fresh, at sometime way in their past,” said Bice. “Once a person gets past that negative ‘taste memory’ of long ago, and tastes whatever we make with an open mind, they are almost always pleasantly surprised.” 

Bice persuaded the goat cheese growler to try a tiny bit of smoked cheddar made from goat milk.

“After a timid first taste, he went back for more and more while trying to convince me it could not possibly be goat cheese. So I told him, ‘Well, I wake up at the farm everyday, look out the window and all I see are goats, so I’m pretty sure it’s goat cheese.'”

As a member of Redwood Hill Farm, a family-owned goat cheese business that has been operating since the 1960’s all Bice asks is, that as with any food, don’t think of how it might taste, or what it’s supposed to taste like, just taste with an open mind.

Redwood Hill Farm is an award winning, Humane Certified, Grade A goat dairy farm and creamery located near Graton in Sonoma County. Founded 45 years ago, it is committed to making the best tasting and least processed goat milk, artisan goat milk cheese, yogurt and kefir possible.

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