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Recent Whole Foods Magazine Feature With Jennifer Lynn Bice

Written by Sharon Bice on . Posted in In the News

The Aisle to Freedom

Katy Widmer, at Whole Foods Magazine recenty interviewed Jennifer Bice for her latest article on how foods for sensitive diets are designed, made and marketed. For anyone who has a serious lactose intolerance issue and cannot even digest goat milk, Redwood Hill Farm provides delicious lactose-free real dairy with our Green Valley Organics Lactose Free brand.

The following is excerpted from the Whole Foods Magazine story: “The natural products industry has seen the difficulties many families encounter when trying to prepare delicious, nutritious and safe food and has taken on the task of ensuring there are options on the market for them. Not only are companies providing allergen-free staples like wheat-free bread, sunflower butters and dairy-free milk, but also comforting and tasty non-necessities like dairy-free cream cheese and gluten-free brownie mix. As Laura Kuykendall, director of marketing for Glutino, Boulder, CO, believes, following a sensitive diet “should not mean ‘doing without.’”

Green Valley Organics lactose free cultured products“There are options for those who simply need to avoid lactose and not dairy altogether. Her company’s lactose-free products, says Jennifer Lynn Bice, CEO and president of Green Valley Organics, Sesbastopol, CA, are made with real grass-fed dairy, but the lactose is removed by adding the lactase enzyme to the milk, ‘where it ferments and breaks down the lactose into simple sugars’. In essence, Bice says, lactose-free dairy products contain pre-digested lactose, which will not give people with an intolerance any “tummy troubles.” For those who suspect they may have a dairy intolerance, Bice suggests eliminating lactose from their diet for 30 days to see if their symptoms subside.”

Read more and enjoy the entire article HERE.


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