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Janet Fletcher names “Cameo” California Cheese All Star

Written by Sharon Bice on . Posted in In the News

Cheese columnist Janet Fletcher includes Cameo as one of 10 exceptional California cheeses

There are just a few exceptional magazines for cheese lovers, and that short list includes one of our favorites, Cheese Connoisseur. What a happy surprise last week to open the fall issue and read that Bay Area cheese columnist and expert, Janet Fletcher, included Redwood Hill’s Camembert-style Cameo in one of the magazines feature this month: “San Francisco: The Ultimate 1-Day Cheese Tour”. For those of us who live in or near San Francisco, we already know that San Francisco is a cheese-lovers and food lovers fantasy land and that multiple award-winning Cameo is a dream come true!

Ms. Fletcher writes…

“With enough cheese merchants, cheese-centric restaurants and cheese classes to occupy a visitor for weeks, the town makes it tough on day trippers.” “So put reason aside, lace up your most comfortable walking shoes…and experience at least some of what this West Coast food mecca offers.”

She then takes us through an immersion of cheese and the best places in the city to taste and purchase. Ms. Fletcher invites visitors who are in the Bay Area to not miss a chance to taste her list of exceptional cheeses, many of which are available only locally. Redwood Hill Farm Cameo is included in that exclusive list of top cheese all stars! Read the entire article in the fall issue of Cheese Connoisseur.

If  you are visiting San Francisco, or lucky enough to live there, Redwood Hill Farm Cameo as well as other Redwood Hill Farm artisan cheeses are available at:

Redwood Hill Farm CameoCowgirl Creamery Cheese Shop
at The Ferry Building: One Embarcadero, No. 17
San Francisco, 94105  Tel: (415) 362-9354

BiRite Market
Both locations, 3639 18th St., (415) 241-9760  and
550 Divisadero St., San Francisco   Tel: (415) 551-7900

Rainbow Grocery
1745 Folsom Street @ 13th Street  San Francisco, 94103   Tel: (415) 863-0620

Redwood Hill Farm cheeses is available at many other cheese and specialty cheese shops in and around SF as well, click here and check our store locator.

Where do you purchase Redwood Hill artisan goat cheese?

You can help us keep our store locator current. Please comment here and share with all readers where in San Francisco and/or the Bay Area that you find Redwood Hill Farm artisan cheeses… Enjoy!

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Comments (2)

  • Pat


    04/25/15 – picked up some lovely Cameo @ Rainbow Grocery – Cheese Dept. (Fav. Place to pick up cheese from very knowledgeable staff). Outstanding cheese…may have to run back in to San Francisco to pick up more before it is gone.


    • Sharon Bice


      Wonderful! FYI, we will be making it again this fall for the holiday “eating” season! I’m sure our good friends at Rainbow Grocery will be bringing Cameo in again for all the fans. Thanks for your note!


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