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button-order-cheeseThank you for your interest in our artisan goat milk cheeses. Kosher-Certified, our goat cheese is made with fresh, Certified Humane® Grade A milk, imported French Cheese Cultures and vegetable enzymes. Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery is located in Sebastopol, California. Both the creamery and the original Redwood Hill Farm, which supplies milk to the creamery and is located only a few miles away, are powered by solar and renewable sources of energy for sustainable production.

A case of 8-10 pieces of Redwood Hill Farm Goat Milk Feta

Our popular Goat Milk Feta is back and available by the case! Made with 100% fresh, Grade A, Certified Humane® goat milk, we craft our artisan feta by gently cutting the curd by and forming into blocks by hand in the classic, Mediterranean style. Finished in a natural, salt-water brine, Feta is aged for at least 6 months.


Goat Milk Feta Case

Goat Milk Feta

3 lb. case that includes 8-10 random weight pieces. Store unwrapped pieces in your refrigerator. Feta will continue to age for months while in it’s original packaging. Once opened, store cheese in air-tight wrapping. “Best by” date is on the case box, primarily for case rotation purposes.

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