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button-order-cheeseThank you for your interest in our artisan goat milk cheeses. Kosher-Certified, our goat cheese is made with fresh, Certified Humane® Grade A milk, imported French Cheese Cultures and vegetable enzymes. Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery is located in Sebastopol, California. Both the creamery and the original Redwood Hill Farm, which supplies milk to the creamery and is located only a few miles away, are powered by solar and renewable sources of energy for sustainable production.

The Artisan Collection from Redwood Hill Farm

This trio of award-winners makes gift-giving fun and easy; we’ll even include a personalized note on Redwood Hill Farm stationary. Click on each cheese for complete descriptions, flavor profiles, and pairing suggestions.

Artisan Cheese Board

Bucheret, California Crottin, and Traditional Plain Chèvre

Includes one each of: 5 oz Bucheret, 3 oz California Crottin, and one 4 oz tub of Traditional Plain Chèvre.

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Owner, CEO, and Cheesemaker Jennifer Bice “tasted her way” through France in the 1980’s, experiencing and learning from Europe’s finest cheesemakers—the crème de la crème of artisan cheese expertise. This special collection features three different rind-ripened cheeses inspired by her travels. Bon appétit!

Our Cheese Maker’s Collection

1 piece each: California Crottin, Terra, Bucheret, Garlic Chive Chèvre, and Goat Milk Feta

Enjoy one delightful piece each of 3 oz California Crottin, 5 oz Terra, 5 oz Bucheret, 4 oz Garlic Chive Chèvre, and Goat Milk Feta (approx. 5 oz).

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Hosting a party? We’ve got your appetizers covered! Impress your guests with our Deluxe Collection; arrange and serve with fresh fruit, nuts, and assorted crackers. Feelin’ extra fancy? Pair the Bucheret with a fig spread or drizzle with honey. Click these links for wine and beer pairing ideas.

The Deluxe Collection

Goat Milk Feta, Aged Cheddar, Smoked Cheddar, California Crottin, Bucheret, and  Roasted Chile Chèvre

Enjoy one each of: Goat Milk Feta (approx. 5 oz), Aged Cheddar (approx. 5 oz), Smoked Cheddar (approx. 5 oz), 3 oz California Crottin, 5 oz Bucheret, and 4 oz tub of Roasted Chile Chèvre.

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A case of 8-10 pieces of Redwood Hill Farm Goat Milk Feta

Our popular Goat Milk Feta is back and available by the case! Made with 100% fresh, Grade A, Certified Humane® goat milk, we craft our artisan feta by gently cutting the curd by and forming into blocks by hand in the classic, Mediterranean style. Finished in a natural, salt-water brine, Feta is aged for at least 6 months.


Goat Milk Feta Case

Goat Milk Feta

3 lb. case that includes 8-10 random weight pieces. Store unwrapped pieces in your refrigerator. Feta will continue to age for months while in it’s original packaging. Once opened, store cheese in air-tight wrapping. “Best by” date is on the case box, primarily for case rotation purposes.

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