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Sonoma County Food and Farming Project

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“I can’t think of a more quintessential Sonoma County farm family than the lovely folks at Redwood Hill Creamery.  Jennifer Bice has lead the way for the sweet and natural growth of what her parents started 45 years ago.  She has gathered some of her family around her, repurposed legendary facilities, gently moved beyond their core work of making some delicious goats milk foods and is living an exemplary existence in our magical region.  They have been our largest sponsors of this Sonoma County Food and Farming Project, for which we are most grateful, but we’d have wanted to tell their story even if they hadn’t made this entire video story series possible.” ~ Clark Wolf

The Sonoma County Food and Farming Project (SCFFP), under the umbrella of Ag Innovations Network, seeks to increase of and encourage participation in small-scale food and farming projects in Sonoma County. Click here and enjoy the project’s video of Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery

Over the course of the next year or so, the SCFFP will produce a series of 36 short videos to share the stories and highlight the many different voices and perspectives or the people that are participating in the agricultural movement back to small-scale farming and attentive land-use.

Farming in Sonoma County is experiencing a state of change, moving beyond the larger-scale, industrialized agriculture that dominated much of the twentieth century and returning to a style of small-scale production with attention to the historic diversity of the county’s agricultural base.  Because of the proximity to dense urban centers and a strong viticulture industry, these people and their stories are largely underreported – from the young couple who returned to the family farm to revive and renew, to the day laborers who have worked the farms they now call their own, to the chefs who have cooked their way up the ranks to own restaurants that directly support farmers in new ways – and make up a growing cache of individuals who are fostering change in the way we view local food production and consumption, farming practices, and resource management.

In sharing these stories, the SCFFP hopes to foster public discussion and understanding of the diverse perspectives, organizations and individuals that take part in this farming and food production network and make these small stories part of a larger public record.  We hope to encourage people in and beyond Sonoma County to connect with food, farming and people in their own lives and communities.

Thank you Sonoma County Food and Farming Project founder Clark Wolf and talented videographer, Scott Mitchell!  Enjoy this new video about Redwood Hill Farm: http://vimeo.com/56381123 (here’s the link).

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