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Redwood Hill Farm Welcomes New Director of Marketing

Written by Sharon Bice on . Posted in Company News

Welcome, Rich Martin!

We’re excited to introduce our new Director of Marketing, Rich Martin. Rich’s experience in the local organic dairy industry will be invaluable to our Redwood Hill Farm and Green Valley Organics brands. Rich and his wife Jennifer are long-time residents of Petaluma, where they live with their two sons and daughter. Rich has long respected Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery, and is excited about developing new products for both our brands.

If you have new product ideas, Rich would love to hear them! Please send them on to us at info@redwoodhill.com. You can read Rich’s full bio at our STAFF PAGE.


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  • Susan Weiss


    Miracles occur every second! Health, wellness, loving, learning!
    Your products, get/gut your goat cultures taste matters wellness!
    These words are appreciative thank you to the entire family I just
    read about in the company news. Your position,linking the goats and
    the Redwood Hill Farm,to open mouths wanting the best,is open to all
    good things. The taste is the winner. Variety of products is choice! Education and Love to feed the brain,glucose production and healthy
    critical thinking skills, the goats win the prize. Exposure to the goats
    and creative processes breeding,raising,milking,and how milk becomes
    cultured,make into cheeses= to market to market@ how about films
    documenting these ideas? Schools,groups of humans interested in food
    and eating(who isn’t) and on the days the farm invites visitors? Letters
    and comments as written,would not be the butt of criticism; these become
    buttons encouraging word of mouth Bliss,Deliciousness,HuNGRY for
    real food! Feed the Brain! Energize the Body! Start with the basic best
    ingredients & the imagination creates combinations easy to swallow!
    Immediate gratification never takes a vacation! In a hurry, open the refrigerator and swiftly grab! select! instinctive educated reach! Goat
    To Go! Recipe for fun,goat party for all ages of people,cash-mere, yes,
    $$$ & $ense= cost of wellness is tiny compared to not feeling well!
    Be your own best friend and spend money to obtain the best for your
    Goats,notoriously,lovingly,like us,will eat almost everything! How many
    tin cans have people opened and eaten? The boundaries between the
    contents and the physical container can make me wonder. Judge mental
    or physical perspective must open the mind! Can not dismiss the life
    support via food(on a boat,on a far away remote somewhere)! Thanks
    for reading these goat worthy goat -notes singing praise be to Love!



    • Sharon Bice


      Beautiful Susan! Thanks for your appreciation and cultured ‘prose’… All the best to you, Sharon


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