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Our Herd

The Dairy Goats are the Cornerstone of Our Business

We have over 300 dairy goats, each with a name and distinctive personality. As nationally recognized dairy goat breeders, and licensed dairy goat judges, we provide the highest possible quality of life to our herd, and raise goats that can live comfortably into old age producing delicious milk.

  • Redwood Hill Farm has the distinction of being named the first goat dairy to become Certified Humane® by Humane Farm Animal Care, the “gold standard” for animal treatment in the nation.
  • The goats live “free range” with a nutritious diet and shelter, resting areas, and space that help support natural behavior.

National Champions

Our herd consists of four of the six major breeds of dairy goats in the United States: Alpine, LaMancha, Nubian, and Saanen, and collectively has gained recognition for milk production and conformation of type.

Learn more about the prize-winning dairy goats of Redwood Hill Farm with Manager Scott Bice

We furnish breeding stock to breeders across the United States, Mexico and Canada. Our prize-winning goats are exhibited at fairs throughout Northern California and at National Shows sponsored by the American Dairy Goat Association. Our herd has earned us many National Champions through the years, one in each breed of our four breeds.

Selected for Excellence of Milk Flavor

Clean, wholesome, fresh milk is the starting point for all of our delicious and natural goat milk products. Each animal is selected for its excellence of milk flavor, resulting in a unique line of goat milk artisan cheeses, premium goat milk yogurt, and gourmet goat milk kefir. We breed for good milk flavor, and you can taste the difference!

  • Each goat is registered with the American Dairy Goat Association, and are treated as individuals within the herd.
  • Volume is a consideration, but components, such as butterfat and milk proteins and sugars, are also carefully monitored.

Prized for Superb Production

The average dairy goat in the United States produces 2 quarts of milk per day.  At Redwood Hill, the average production is 1 gallon per day.  Our very best producers can even exceed 2 gallons per day!

  • Milking goats are not required to give birth every year, to help ensure a long life for the animal, and if they are bred they are given the proper “maternity leave” from the milking line.
  • Older goats are allowed to retire from the milking string and live out their days relaxing on the farm.