Benefits of Goat Milk

For Better Health Drink Goat Milk

Goat milk benefits are many and goat’s milk is a natural for anyone looking for ease of digestion, maximum nutrition and excellent health from their dairy. It is recognized as one of the “must have” superfoods of the healthful Mediterranean Diet AND people living in “Blue Zones”, regions of the world where people commonly live active lives pas the age of 100 years!

Doctor Recommended

According to Dr. Oz, “America’s Doctor”, host of the Dr. Oz Show and Vice-chair and Professor of Surgery at Columbia University: “Sardinians” (one Blue Zone population) drink goat milk which is high in calcium and good for your heart. Plus, researchers believe it could protect against Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

It has more easily digestible, short and middle chain fats and protein solids than cow milk and may be enjoyed by many people who are lactose intolerant. Goat milk benefits include increased digestibility of protein is important for infants and children. In addition, goat milk is higher in calcium and vitamin A than cow milk and the natural buffering qualities of goat milk make it beneficial for people with ulcers and other stomach problems.

Casein in Goat Milk

Casein is a natural protein that is found in all milk.  Many people have difficulty with Casein especially the Alpha S1 casein found in cow milk and so are allergic to cow dairy. Studies have shown that goat milk is very low in Alpha S1 casein and primarily contains Alpha S2 casein.  That is why many of those allergic to cow dairy may be able to use goat milk products in their diets successfully.

Naturally Homogenized

Because of the smaller fat particles contained in GOAT MILK, as compared to cow milk, it  is considered to be “naturally homogenized” and from a health standpoint this is deemed much better than mechanically homogenized milk. We do not homogenize or standardize our goat milk.


We do not believe in the use of hormones to increase milk production in our animals and fortunately, these hormones were never developed for dairy goats.  When you choose goat milk or any goat milk product for yourself and your family, do so with confidence.

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