Benefits of Goat Cheese

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In addition to its great flavor, goat milk cheese is a good source of calcium, protein, vitamin A, vitamin K, phosphorus, niacin and thiamin.

Dr. George Haenlein of the University of Delaware points out that the fats found in goat milk products are high in middle chain fatty acids, which are easier for the body to process than those found in cow’s milk.

A Balanced Diet that Includes Goat Cheese

According to research by Epidemiologist, Serge Renaud, goat cheese does not seem to be implicated as a cause of heart disease. He models his own diet on that of Crete, which has the lowest rate of heart disease in the western world. Their diet is heavy in fruits, vegetables, and grains and they eat goat cheese! So, when customers ask us “Is goat cheese good for you?”, we say a resounding yes!