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Welcome To The Bleat Beat Blog: A Journal of Life At Redwood Hill Farm Goat Dairy

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By Scott “The Goat Guy” Bice

It’s a warm, spring-like February evening in the barn as I await the first kids of the new year. A full moon is rising over Mt. Saint Helena, and the sounds of the milking herd browsing and ruminating fills the air. Hope Springs Eternal on the farm, and we are excited about the arrival of the adorable new kids, as well as their fresh-into-milk mothers, who will be our show goats for the new year and provide us with delicious milk to make our cheese and cultured products.

Yes, we know spring is coming with the first kids born of the year that usually coincide with the first daffodil and apricot blooms. Soon the first asparagus spears will be poking out from the warming earth and the Gravenstein apple blooms will start to the fill the orchard. We are excited about another first we will have at Redwood Hill Farm this spring, the blog you are reading now – The Bleat Beat. Our blog will provide a window into the daily life at Redwood Hill Farm.

The First Daffodils of the year

Of course, we will spend a good amount of time covering our first love – our dairy goat herd. We are proud to have been the first dairy goat farm to be Certified Humane® and we know that the time and effort that we commit to the herd and its health and happiness is what makes the difference in the milk production and quality. We hope to help educate the public on these smart, affectionate animals that give us this wonderful milk we use to create healthful, nutritious products. Redwood Hill Farm is more than just a purveyor of goat milk products, and we will spend time blogging on all aspects of life on a family farm, including our organic fruit orchard and vegetables gardens, and our commitment to sustainability and being good stewards to the land.

There is a lot of excitement for 2012 here on the farm. From our venture into beekeeping to our road trip to the American Dairy Goat Association’s National Show in Colorado this July, we invite you to come along for the ride. Bloggers will include David “Cultured Aloha” Bice, Trinity ”The Goat Whisperer” Smith, Jennifer ”The Big Cheese” Bice, Zimba “The Herd Queen” – one of our Alpine Dairy Goats and, yours truly, Scott ”The Goat Guy” Bice.

Sunrise looking out from our dairy

Éclair, one our La Mancha’s, is starting to push now…..and the first baby of 2012 is born…eyes wide open taking in the new world.  And it’s time for me to get back to work. We welcome you to The Bleat Beat and hope you will visit us regularly for fresh news.

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