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A Joyful Spring Farm Tour at Redwood Hill Farm

Written by Sharon Bice on . Posted in Life on the Farm

2014 Spring Farm Tour: lots of happy memories…

The first weekend of our annual Farm Tours are behind me with a head full of happy moments shared with family, employees and a farm full of new friends. We’re all on our second cups of coffee this morning as we laugh and share stories of a great weekend!

Redwood Hill Farm customers from near and far drove up beautiful Thomas Road in Sebastopol to arrive at the farm, park in the olive and apple orchard and walk Apple Blossom Lane to enjoy a taste of farm living.

If we gave an award for visitors who came the farthest, it would have to be the trio of young people from Bosnia! They are visiting the U.S. and a friend of theirs from Bosnia who follows us on Facebook let them know about our Sebastopol goat dairy and Farm Tour weekend.

Redwood Hill Farm visitors from Bosnia

Our European visitors ready for a day on the farm

Aunty Stacey, a local and very talented face painter, was one of the most popular new addition to our annual tours. She does her artistic work for public and private events such as birthday parties. Get more information HERE about having her at your next event.

Kids of all ages got in on the fun, including most of the Redwood Hill employees working Saturday and Sunday. Even Steve Considine, long-time Redwood Hill Farm (over 30 years) got in on the fun!

Redwood Hill Farm employees with their faces painted

Holding, petting and playing with the baby goats was as popular as ever and our barn where anyone could “brush and feed a goat” also had a constant stream of visitors getting up close and personal with our caprine friends.

Farm Tour visitor learning to milk a goat

Learning the special skill of milking a goat

Many kids and adults learned to milk a goat and Farm Manager Scott Bice gave a couple of popular demos each day on how we milk and care for our award-winning herd of goats on the farm each day.

Scott Bice gives a farm demo

Farm Manager Scott Bice giving demonstrating in the milking parlor

Local Hawaiian band “Da Puna Braddahs” provided the musical backdrop for Saturday’s tour and Sunday we featured “Wine Country Swing” playing live in the apple orchard. I couldn’t help starting to dance along Apple Blossom Lane while enjoying the sweet sounds!

For anyone who has enjoyed our annual Spring Farm Tours, you know that sitting down with your picnic basket in the Apple Orchard and enjoying the live music while eating your lunch or just purchased Redwood Hill Farm cheese, is an essential part of the experience.  On Mother’s Day, hands-down our busiest tour of the season, when the picnic tables filled up many visitors spread their blankets in the shade of an apple tree or under the farm’s solar array.

Enjoying a picnic at Redwood Hill Farm

It was a gorgeous spring day for a picnic on the farm

Another tradition is taking a family picture with faces smiling from behind the photo board. Many new visitors as well as annual returnees to our farm tours had their cameras and cell phones in full “point and shoot” mode. (I observed lots of “selfie” action going on as well!)

Visitors getting their picture taken behind the photo board

As always we sampled and sold everything we make at our solar-powered Sebastopol creamery. However the tasting “hit” of the day had to be the Chevre ice cream we served each day with visitors scrambling to be first in line when it was time! Redwood Hill Farm Goat Chevre Ice Cream is not a regular product we produce, not YET anyway, but after delivering a few tubs of our Fresh Chevre to local ice cream maker Maraline of Screaming Mimi’s in Sebastopol, she returned to us absolutely fabulous Raspberry and Cajeta Ice Cream!  Wow, talk about delish!! My favorite was the Raspberry flavor but it was all good and we had no problem sampling out every last spoonful! If you love ice cream, SELECT HERE for a choice of great goat product ice cream recipes in our dessert section.

End of the day at Redwood Hill Farm Spring Tours

Finally, Sunday afternoon as the last of our visitors gave one last hug to a goat (or one of us), a happy but tired crew assembled on the straw bale pyramid for our traditional end-of-tour photo.

So fun—and we all had an extraordinary time once again. We hope YOU did too. If you were unable to visit this time, our next tours will be June 7 & 8—please join us as we do it all over again!

Thanks for everyone who came and shared the day with us on the farm. Did you have a special moment or classic picture with your friends and family? Please share it with us, we’d love to hear from you!


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  • gerald mullarkey


    Do you need to reserve for the June 7 & 8 farm visit or just arrive. Would love to join you all!


    • Sharon Bice


      No need to reserve but do carpool with a few folks if possible. Looks like the weather will be beautiful! We have alot of fun and love meeting our customers. Hope you can make it Gerald!


  • gerald


    Hi Sharon – I was checking back because I was wondering when the next farm tour may occur and just saw your note! I guess I thought it would come to me in an e-mail and not on your website so, unfortunately, I missed June! My loss! Let me know when the next one is and I will check back here for a response – thanks again!


    • Sharon Bice


      Thanks for the note…we will be hosting tours again in the spring, and will have dates up around the first of the year. I am sorry that you were unable to make the tours this year. Occasionally we do schedule an extra tour in the fall, if we do you can check back here at the Bleat Beat Blog or on our website tour page:
      Thanks for your note…looking forward to seeing you next time! Sharon


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