Organic & Natural

Our Certified Organic Creamery

Why are our products not labeled organic, when our creamery is Certified Organic? Even though we farm organically, we are unable to obtain 100% organic feed for our goats.

We Always Use Organic Practices

We always use organic farming practices at Redwood Hill Farm. The vegetarian grain mix that we feed the goats contains NO hormones, antibiotics, animal by-products, or preservatives. Hay is 70% of our goats’ diet, and we obtain organically grown hay whenever it is available. In addition to hay, the goats love to get out and about to munch on the brush around the farm as they are browsers rather than grazers.

Our Natural Approach to Farming

At Redwood Hill Farm we believe in a natural approach to animal husbandry and our dairy goats are raised “free range” and humanely on our organic goat farm. All have names, distinct personalities and a good life here on the farm.

  • No growth hormones of any kind are ever used.
  • No hormones such as BST are used to increase milk production.
  • Milk from cloned dairy goats is not allowed and will not be purchased by Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery.
  • For fly control, we use biological insects and trapping.
  • If a goat ever requires medication, the milk is discarded long after the recommended time and tested to insure no drugs enter the human food chain.

We’re dedicated to supporting a natural approach to making our award winning goat milk products, and to farming our gardens and fruit orchards.

  • No pesticides or herbicides of any kind are used on the organic goat farm, vegetable gardens, or our organic fruit orchard.