Farm Tours

Redwood Hill Farm caregiver with a favorite baby kid

Visit the original Redwood Hill Farm

Starting in April 2017, Redwood Hill Farm will offer intimate, hands-on educational tours of its Certified Humane® dairy goat farm in Sebastopol, CA. At the farm tours, you’ll get to meet the goats and learn how to milk, brush, or feed them. Depending on the season, you’ll also get to meet their kids!

In addition, you’ll learn about the many other crops and animals that thrive on this biodiverse farm, including chickens, bees, Gravenstein apples, hops, and olives. Finally, you’ll see the farm’s major sustainability initiatives, including solar panels that supply 100% of its energy, a 100,000-gallon rainwater catchment system, and a permaculture installation.

Redwood Hill Farm no longer offers large open-house tours, like it has in years past. With these smaller, more frequent educational tours, more people will get to see and enjoy the farm! You can also bring along a picnic lunch to enjoy in the apple orchard after the tour.

Reserve a tour at RedwoodHillFarm.org. We hope to see YOU at Redwood Hill Farm.

Note, if you are one of our partners or customers in the trade, and would like to inquire about a personal, educational tour for yourself or staff, please CONTACT US for details.