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Questions about our Packaging

What type of materials do you use for your packaging? Are they safe and recyclable?

We use #2 and #5 food grade plastics for our containers and lids. Neither of these contains chloride that releases dioxins when heated, and they are BPA, phthalate, and PVC free. Our foil lids have a protective plastic lining that prevents contact between the yogurt and the foil.

Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery has already accomplished the “reduce” in the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” slogan by choosing lighter weight #5 plastic for our containers which minimizes the environmental impact of our packaging. Additionally, we have significantly reduced our case packaging!

We encourage consumers to “reuse” yogurt containers to start plants for the garden, for food storage, and other creative uses. Also, other customers have let us know that they donate their saved cups to local schools for art projects!

And last but not least, recycle!! To locate facilities that offer #5 plastic recycling, please visit Earth911.org. This site will direct you to recycling centers for all types of packaging in your region. Simply enter your zip code and the type of material you want to recycle.

What does the date on your packaging mean, and is it safe to eat your products after this date?

The date on every yogurt, kefir, and chèvre is the “best by” date. If the product has not been opened and has been kept properly refrigerated, it may last 7-10 days past the “best by” date. Once opened, products will last longer if stored at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less. By smelling, tasting, and looking at the appearance, you can use your best judgment to determine the product’s freshness.

For a better understanding of the code dates of our cheeses and how to interpret their meaning, click here.