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Water Saving at Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery

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Innovative idea by Redwood Hill Farm cheese team turned into new water saving process

We’re so proud of our Cheese Team! Every month at the creamery, we give awards to employees who come up with innovative ideas and procedures for recycling and conservation. This month’s kudos go to our cheese room team, who have come up with a new method of washing the feta molds and the 900 gallon vat. The new process they developed will save 34,000 gallons of water per season! Shown left to right are the fine folks that hand-craft our beautiful goat cheeses: Roselia, Susana, Luciano, Patty, Maribel, and Erick.

Spotlight on the OTHER White Milk: Here’s Looking at You, Kid

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June is National Dairy Month

By Tamara Duker Freuman, MS, RD, CDN

June is National Dairy Month, and the Who’s Who of dairy are out in droves reminding us all about the health benefits of cow’s milk. And while I have nothing but love for the cows, I thought I’d highlight the unsung heroes of dairy, instead: goats. After all, the most common dairy consumed worldwide is actually goat’s milk!

Read the article (PDF download)

Redwood Hill Farm: Every Day is Earth Day

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HobbyFarms.com interviews Redwood Hill Farm Owner, Jennifer Bice on her company’s historic commitment to the environment

April 22 is Earth Day, a day when we all take pause to think about our lovely planet and how we can protect it. Hobby Farms.com interviewed Jennifer Lynn Bice, owner and CEO of Redwood Hill Farm, who describes Redwood Hill’s solar-powered farm & creamery, recycling and composting programs, and other earth-gentle practices that make every day Earth Day at Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery
Read the article here.

Look! It’s a Seven-Foot Tall Goat!

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Have no fear, it’s Redwood Hill Farm’s “Poster Girl” Zimba

If you happen to see a 7′ tall goat rolling down the highway, have no fear – it’s “Zimba” our Redwood Hill Farm Alpine poster girl gracing the side of a UNFI Distributor truck!  On one side of the truck is Zimba, with all our Redwood Hill Farm goat milk products, and on the other side, our Green Valley Organics lactose free dairy products. UNFI distributes natural foods, and this truck will be traveling the west coast region for the next year. We’d love to know if you spot it in your town.
Here’s a little time-lapse video of the installation of the truck wrap


Sonoma County Homegrown

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33 Local Foods We Love!

The Press Democrat’s “Biteclub” blogger Heather Irwin asked her readers to name the artisan foods and drinks that really make Sonoma County the cornucopia of deliciousness that make them proud to be from here. We’re happy to have landed a spot, along with some top-notch favorites of ours, in the Dairy Goods category. Check out Sonoma County’s favorite local food and libations here.

Redwood Hill Farm Owner Jennifer Bice Awarded 4-H Alumni Recognition Award

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Jennifer attributes her business success to the values she embraced as a 4-H member

This award honors a former 4-H Club member who upholds the values of leadership, citizenship and community service.

The 4-H experience is one the cornerstones of Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery. The Bice family with dad Kenneth and mom Cynthia started Redwood Hill Farm in 1968 to provide fresh Grade A raw goat milk for the family and natural food store customers in Sonoma County. Jennifer excelled in 4-H by showing her goats & rabbits as well as her dogs at American Kennel Club sanctioned dog shows. Active in the Twin Hills, Apple Blossom and Los Cabritos 4-H clubs, Jennifer held various club officer positions and was a 1972 Sonoma County All Star. Jennifer especially enjoyed being a 4-H Junior Leader in the Apple Blossom 4-H Club Dairy Goat project. As a Jr. Leader, along with various duties she was instrumental in organizing a youth dairy goat show.

Jennifer never lost her interest in goats and took over the fledgling family business in 1978. Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery was greatly expanded, becoming a leader in the production of premium quality goat milk products and  the Redwood Hill Farm dairy goat herd is considered the premier herd in the country today. For the last 40 years Jennifer has remained true to her mission: craft the very best products in a way that is sustainable for Redwood Hill’s farmland, animals and employees. Jennifer attributes her business success to the values she embraced as a 4-H member and her lifelong commitment to the 4-H motto “To Make the Best Better.”

2011 California State Fair Winners!

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Our goats are just back from Sacramento, where they won big honors at the 2011 California State Fair. Two of our Saanens won Best Doe in Show (Marabel) and Supreme Total Performer (Caprice).
In the Alpine show on Sunday, Redwood Hill’s Sierra Vertigo was the Grand Champion. On Tuesday, Redwood Hill’s Dahlia garnered the Grand Champion ribbon  in the Nubian show. And beautiful Compañeros Stand Out Marabel, named after one of our favorite employees, was not only Saanen Grand Champion, but brought home the top prize of Best Doe in Show!
The Redwood Hill Farm team also brought home Reserve Champion in the Alpine, Saanen and Nubian Show as well as Best Three Females in all three shows.
Special kudos to Farm Manager Scott Bice and herd manager Trinity Smith as a very special award was garnered. Total Performer was awarded to three Redwood Hill Farm does. This award takes scores from the show, combines them with milk production records and awards the top point-getter.
Redwood Hill’s beautiful Saanen, Compañeros Caprice took the very top prize in this category – Supreme Total Performer.

Best Doe in Show, Marabel

Supreme Total Performer, Caprice

Nubian Grand Champion, Dahlia

Gorgeous Alpine Champ, Vertigo

Best 3 Females in the Saanen show

Renewable Energy Award!

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jen-1309182967We are proud to announce that Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery is receiving special recognition from PG&E and Solar Sonoma County as one of the North Bay’s top ten business leaders in sustainable business practices!

Redwood Hill Farm has demonstrated sustainability leadership here in Sonoma County by installing a 586 kW DC solar electric system, providing 100% of energy used at our Sebastopol organic creamery. The solar system covers nearly 2 acres of roof space using 2,500 solar panels made in California. The CO2 reduced annually is equal to 110 acres of trees saved, 54 cars off the road, or 76 homes powered. Our Certified Humane� goat dairy is solar powered too.

“By installing our solar system we offset in a much greater percentage, the transportation costs of distributing our natural goat and lactose free cow milk dairy products. This is very important to us.”
Jennifer Lynn Bice

Redwood Hill Farm Owner Jennifer Lynn Bice will receive the Bay Area Helios Award at the 2011 Solar Leaders Circle Awards Celebration at Paradise Ridge Winery on June 28th. Congressman Jared Huffman will be attending as Guest of Honor.

Cedar Plank Smoked Camellia!

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Here’s a new take on “Grilled Cheese!” Santa Cruz’s New Leaf Market has come up with a fabulous idea for the grill using our Redwood Hill Camellia melted atop a soaked cedar plank. Topped with apricots and local honey, it’s sure to be a Summer hit! See our recipe site for the complete recipe and directions.