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Welcome to Redwood Hill Farm

Goat Dairy Farm and Creamery

Redwood Hill Farm is an award-winning, Grade A goat dairy farm and creamery located in Sonoma County, California. Committed to making the best tasting and least processed artisan goat cheese, yogurt and kefir, our family-owned and operated company uses solar power to sustainably produce
artisan goat cheese & goat milk products. Redwood Hill Farm proudly became the nation’s first Certified Humane® goat dairy in 2005.
Have questions about our goat milk products? – Please visit our FAQs.

Goat Cheese

artisan-goat-cheese-and-bread-1264629950-dm-x220-388-291-155-96 Redwood Hill Farm award-winning goat milk cheese includes chèvre, feta, goat cheddar, and rind-ripened artisanal cheese handmade in small batches. Delicious and Kosher-certified, our goat cheese is made with fresh Grade A milk, imported French cheese cultures, and vegetable enzymes.
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Goat Yogurt

Front-Page-YogurtRedwood Hill Farm award-winning, European style goat milk yogurt is made with fresh Grade A milk & probiotic cultures. Uniquely delicious, our goat yogurt has a smooth, velvety, delicate texture. With its superior digestibility many people that have trouble with cow dairy can use goat milk yogurt.
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Goat Kefir

kefir-berries650x580-1313783624-dm-x220-650-580-0-0Redwood Hill Farm goat milk kefir is a deliciously mild beverage packed with beneficial probiotics. It is made with great tasting, fresh goat milk naturally cultured with Flourish®, our brand of ten live, active cultures. Our kefir is mild, sweet and tangy, and resembles a “drinkable yogurt.”
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