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2011 California State Fair Winners!

Written by Redwood Hill on . Posted in Company News

Our goats are just back from Sacramento, where they won big honors at the 2011 California State Fair. Two of our Saanens won Best Doe in Show (Marabel) and Supreme Total Performer (Caprice).
In the Alpine show on Sunday, Redwood Hill’s Sierra Vertigo was the Grand Champion. On Tuesday, Redwood Hill’s Dahlia garnered the Grand Champion ribbon  in the Nubian show. And beautiful Compañeros Stand Out Marabel, named after one of our favorite employees, was not only Saanen Grand Champion, but brought home the top prize of Best Doe in Show!
The Redwood Hill Farm team also brought home Reserve Champion in the Alpine, Saanen and Nubian Show as well as Best Three Females in all three shows.
Special kudos to Farm Manager Scott Bice and herd manager Trinity Smith as a very special award was garnered. Total Performer was awarded to three Redwood Hill Farm does. This award takes scores from the show, combines them with milk production records and awards the top point-getter.
Redwood Hill’s beautiful Saanen, Compañeros Caprice took the very top prize in this category – Supreme Total Performer.

Best Doe in Show, Marabel

Supreme Total Performer, Caprice

Nubian Grand Champion, Dahlia

Gorgeous Alpine Champ, Vertigo

Best 3 Females in the Saanen show